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Destiny is for losers. It's just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen. - Miss Blair Waldorf

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Risk...

Take a Risk. Write down 5 things that you're taking a risk doing! Then next to that write down if you're loving doing it anyway! If you aren't doing at least 10! Then you need to believe in you're dreams more and follow you're heart! I've decided that taking risks is good, and that it's what makes life interesting. One day someone will write my auto-biography and I want to make it as much of an interesting read as I can!
1) Applying to uni... all 5... for Fashion Design... despite that fact that I haven't done the right courses to get onto it and hoping that my sheer determination will get me in.
2) Wearing bright red lipstick and being as fashionable as I can in my little town, that is full of more rude and brightly neoned people than there are normal people.
Follow your Dream, until the sun gives up.
 (sourced from lookbook.nu)
3) Putting my entire future on the line for a dream... I will design.
4) Giving up trying to please people and hoping that my happiness in trying to achieve my dream will please them, since it's no fun pleasing people and getting amazing grades and knowing what the next step is, if you don't want the step. Believe in the unknown.
5) Having the guts to stand out your surroundings, in my case from my family, wearing beautiful rings, all at once on my hands, wearing high shoes where it's not appropriate and looking like I should be in the city. Something I would never have done last year.

If you can't think of minimum 5 things! Take something new up... totally new! If you do art, maybe take up a writing course. If you like art but think you're really bad, take up an art course! If you work on computers, taking up something outdoorsy! Do something unexpected! Even if it is just wearing a bright lipstick that you're a little unsure of, it might just grow on you! Nothing wrong with a little bit of war paint! 

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