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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Sleep In, Friends, Shopping and Dinner!

That sums up my day really!
Went to Westminter University yesterday, and really liked it! The guy that showed me round the studio's and that also said that it didn't matter too much that I'd done Fashion Design and that they looked more at the people. There's only 40! places though! But they interview 200 people, so I've just got to get my portfolio looking really great! So I'm gonna work really hard tonight while I'm at the sleep-in.
This mysterious sleep-in, is what we do at school something to do with homeless people (need to start listening ...or attending assembly) but we all get locked in the school and do stuff like Karaoke, basketball, X-box etc. So it's really good! so me and my friends are gonna go early and get some comfy seats and sit and chat away and do stuff like that, and I'm gonna sit and happily draw away! But yeah the aim of the game is to stay up all night! It's a total blast! I loveee it! But yeah so I'm hoping to get lots of work done tonight!
But after school me and my friend Steven are going to town, since I've a wittle bit of shopping to do and we're going to have dinner in town too. Since I wanna try out the new Noodlestix place. They give you it in those little white boxes! and they also have chopsticks! So yeah I'm happy about that and then we're gonna eventually go to the sleep-in.
But yeahhh, I did have another friend who said last year that she'd come this year and isn't coming, but that's not much of a surprise since she doesn't normally do what she says she will. But meh.
So yeah I had a great day yesterday and I'm having an absolutely great day today, I've managed to get lots of work done in my art book, and I'm really! excited for tonight as well! Though I'll be super grumpy tomorrow! But never mind! 
Oh and I also designed one of my tops, although it's clearly a proto-type, I think the stencil wasn't very good really. Oh and I also need more tops and jumpers and a few more bottoms of some type... not much! 

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