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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Interview with.... Minna from Vietto.

This is another interview for handmade clothing! with Minna from Vietto at Etsy!

How long have you handmade things?
I have made things with my hands almost all my life, my great grandma, grandma and my mum taught me the very basic skills when I was little. 

How did you get into hand making stuff?
I think it's kind of family thing, my great grandma, my granny and my mum have all been crafting as long as I can remember, so I got interested in it too! I have also been really keen on fashion for a long time, so my very first handmade creations were fashion orientated. I used to make clothes for my Barbie dolls,but quite soon I started make clothes also for myself.
What when you were little were you're favorite things to make?
It must have been knitted dresses for my dolls or crocheted jewelry pouches.

Where do you work from? Office space, the lounge, outside?
I have my little studio at my home; it’s really nice to work at home. Only problem is that my projects start to invade to every room we have...

Do you mind you're projects invading into other rooms, or does spreading it out a little help?
Not really, such a waste of time bothering something you can't help... ;)

How do you get you’re inspiration for new products?
Its continuous process, I get new ideas almost all the time. I draw/write them down in my sketch book (or any paper if I don't have my sketch book with me), so I can come back for them later. I use my sketch book as a catalogue, some of the ideas I'll keep working with, some of the ideas need still more thinking. 

What is your most favorite item of clothing you've ever made?
It could be one nice fitting coat made of old black and white graphic curtain fabric I made for myself few years ago, the convertible cape shirt of my latest collection or the craziest neckwarmer of this season, the pom pom cowl. 

Do you remember the first person you ever made something else for? and what was it?
I think I made something like a beanie or a knitted scarf for my mum when I was little, but the first real piece of clothing probably was loose hip-hop style jeans for my little sister.. ;)

Have you got a project in you're head that you've always wanted to do but is maybe a little impractical or something so you've never made it?
I have planned to make a dress of silk and upcycled leather, I have so strong vision of it! It may not be the most practical dress ever but surely gorgeous! :D And I will make it, sooner or later!

Were you brilliant first off, or did it take a few attempts?
I wasn't brilliant in a start, but my dolls didn't complain, haha! Of course it took a very long to get to the level, I dared to make anything for anyone else than myself...

What led you to creating your own business?
It must be the fact that I just have to make things with my hands, I can't help it! A voice in my head forced me to! Seriously, I have a day job with computers, so I have to use my creative energy in something.

Do you think it’s been worth it?
Yeah, absolutely! Of course I still have much work to do for marketing my label, I'm not really good at it at all...

Is there anything you would change?
I would like to have more hours in days... Sometimes I'm just too busy because having two jobs. That's probably one reason for lousy marketing...

Do you get many difficult customers, and if so how do you manage not to yell at them?
I haven't had any difficult customers, and if I had I think I wouldn't yell at them because I'm just too kind person.

Is there any particular reason you started your online shop, apart from you love it?
I have few retailers for my stuff here in Finland, but I thought that it would be a good idea to sell them online; Finland is such a small country! 

What country would you sell in, if you could sell in any country?
What are the things that you most enjoy about owning your own business?
Creative work! To see my idea turning into a piece of clothing, I always keep my mind open for incidents in my designing process, sometimes garments change from my original idea, they may turn out to be even better!

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