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Monday, 15 November 2010

Party Dresses! For this party season!

I love! a good party dress! It can make or break a night if you ask my opinion, you want a gorgeous one... that you don't have to keep pulling up, that isn't too tight and show all those little bumps, and you want it to accentuate all you're good bits. Oh! and of course you've gotta be able to get out of it quick if you catch my drift, that's how good I want my dress to be!

So I've had a little shop around, and these are the top 5 dresses that I will be buying, since from experience there is only so many times you can wear 1 dress before you start to think, if I go naked someone won't notice, if I wear this dress everyone will notice I'm wearing it for the umpteenth time...

Miso Crochet Dress- £32.99
This gorgeous crochet dress is perfect with it's simple pattern and flattering style, it just needs some lovely platform shoes and a couple of accessories and you're off for a party! Perfect for if you're in a rush and need a dress to quickly jazz up for a night out on the town!

Green Jacquard Dress - £55.00, Miss Selfridge
This dress is sensational! It is the perfect grown up dress, whether you want to impress that new man at work that everyone's had they're eye on, or whether you're going out for a sophisticated dinner with friends. This dress just keeps working and working! The colors make it look warm and is a pleasant change to black, without being too bright, it will make you stand out and is easy to accessorise. 

Skater Body Dress - £70.00
Urban Outfitters
Short and sweet, this corset dress by Bitching & Junkfood features a velvet skirt and lace corset top featuring underwired cups, metal button front, thick banded waist and adjustable detachable straps. It's perfect for the edge this party season! The lace looks delicate but rock it with an attitude and you'll be turning heads all night! Show them what you're made of girl!

Cream Peter Pan Smock Dress -£45.00
Miss Selfridge
            This dress is perfect! It's cute and delicate and is perfect for anyone who likes to look a little bit glam during the day but wants to not have to change when going out at night sometimes! Perfect for dinners, or any party where the shortest skirt wins, will love this dress! A dress that every girl needs in her wardrobe!

Miso Chiffon Beaded Dress - £32.99  Republic
This midnight blue dress is sure to have you looking sophisticated all night long. Just be sure that you don't get some beautiful vampire come and whisk you away.. on second thoughts, maybe you should do!

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