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Friday, 19 November 2010

Christmas Shopping & Travel

Christmas shopping on Saturday in Cambridge tomorrow, so there'll be lots of photo's and drawing for the portfolio. But there won't be much spending since still attempting to save for a car.
I also want a blackberry storm, but I somehow doubt I'll be getting one before my 18th birthday, which is a shame... But I'd rather a car. I've been paid today and of course can now afford everything that I wanted, but am very aware of my want of a car, and so I'm slowly struggling to not spend it. I've already rejected £35.00 worth of Fashion books, which is a shame cause they were really nice. 
Also thank you for who ever viewed my site on Tuesday, I had 40 views in one day which was quite impressive. If you liked the post that was made on the 16th, you need to tell me why so you can all have more! more! more!
There is another interview in the works, it's just being fine tuned and a few more details are being added! I'm also trying to line some more people up for you, and will be trying to get more designers to give feed back as well. I'm also still looking forward to fashion week. It will be quite interested to see the NY one since for the first time it will be held at the Lincoln Centre. Which means hopefully that different things will happen, and will be a nice change for the people that normally attend it. I will definitely be watching, and am hoping to maybe manage to actually get to London Fashion week for a day if I can pull it off. Far as I remember Vogue and Top shop cover it on line, so you can watch it as it happens and up date there websites with pictures of other things that are going on as well. 


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