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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Braided Shirt Reconstruction!

Had a good day, managed to do some work, started again as a bad day but it's gotten really good!
I braided a t-shirt which I've been meaning to do for a while since I saw this video on ThreadBanger.
So I created my own shirt, I don't think I did the cuts big enough which I think is why my braid has pulled my shirt in on itself a little, but I'm going to try again once I've tie-dyed a shirt white and a red color. I'm trying to harass my mum into doing that with me, but we're waiting on the weather really. But at least I managed to design a little bit without destroying the shirt, and I think it would look 

 really nice with a chain ran through as well, or
 something along those lines, and a really
 pretty jewel at the bottom where it finishes
I also went and did some painting for my portfolio for my work of a tulip, to reflect Dior's dresses that were based on Tulips. Since I think they were really well designed. Some times when designers base the items on nature they can either have really yucky colors or can loose the shape and style of the actual plant and not really have much of a connection to it's original form, but these managed to look beautiful and keep the shape. So I'm doing a design copy of that dress and some life drawing etc. and then I want to attempt my own dress that will be inspired from nature hopefully. A daffodil maybe or something like that. Flowers seem a nice one to do because they often have nice shapes or maybe a shell, one of those curved ones. They would be interesting to design from or some shape 
along those lines. Something with lots of color
though like Dior's has, perhaps with a little bit more of a punk rock edge, a few chains and studs? I've also been trying to get an idea together for my Interviews but nothing so far.


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