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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Need! Want! Must have! Trousers! Fashion week!

Joules Trousers Fontaine - £79.00
Can't wait to get paid! I'm just putting that one out there, why is it you see everything you could possibly want or need a) right before Christmas b) when you're so broke you can't even afford a latte! I find this an unfair trick! A very cruel one at that! I want these! There are 2 problems, they are expensive ( but I do need them) and... I've small legs! so they'd come about 2 inches lower! This really does wind me up! But they are turned up, so perhaps I could just turn them up again? I really do love them! They're just part of that easy style, and I could happily wear high shoes with them without worrying, I can still wear tights to keep warm under neath, and they would be quite flattering on me, and make a change from jeans. I also adore my other trousers that I have, my mum keeps saying maybe they'll come up in the sale... I'm crying if they don't! I think they're sale starts at midnight on the 26th December... I am in no way shape or form, going to be sad and sit up so I can get them first time they go in the sale... I am, they're worth lack of sleep! I also do like her shoes but I think I might be able to find cheaper versions some where that might be easier to match with them. I do like Joules clothing, they're stuff is well made and while being expensive is extremely British and smart. Everything I enjoy.
I'm also working on my art book today which is fun, and working on idea's for my pieces for my interviews, I'm actually really glad I have to make things for the interview since it's given me a really great project to work on and a little bit of a direction, because I was struggling as I like to have a little reason behind pieces and when I lack direction my work isn't the most brilliant. I'm going to go into school on Monday and take all my books with me and just hide and sit and work on stuff in their. 
I'm also quite excited about fashion week, my mother thinks I'm being silly since they aren't till January, but I love watching them on Topshop.com. I've decided that next year... the year after even, I'm going to attend, no matter what! It'll be for educational reasons of course....


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