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Monday, 15 November 2010

Bloggers: A code of Ethics?

She'd thought the Amity Ville Massacres
 had been bad, but she hadn't been
prepared for the post she had read....

I found this on IFB, there was a post on whether bloggers should have a Code of Ethics after Maura Kelly wrote “Should Fatties Get a Room?”. After reading the post it did make me think...Should we have a code of Ethics? 
I mean we are only broadcasting to those who listen, not to the entire world, and on some blogs so few people see it that it wouldn't even create a ripple in the vast blogging ocean.
But then again, maybe they're should be. People are reading the blogs, are gaining a look at different view points. You wouldn't want them reading a terrorists blog, so why should you want someone to read a post on something unethical? 
We all have a right to speak our mind, but perhaps just as we censor the things we say in real life so as not to offend. Maybe we should censor what we type. I don't mean that you can't ever right anything negative or that shows an opinion that may offend someone. Someone somewhere will always be offended, even if you write that "Valentino is the greatest designer ever" Valentino would love it, other designers wouldn't. It's an opinion but perhaps it's how we write the post that determines how the post is perceived. I mean by all means make fun of things occasionally. I'm not entirely sure yet on my stance of how to go about a Code of Ethics or anything yet but it certainly is a good idea I think. Blogs are meant to be fun to read and informative, they aren't here to slate people and to offend. I think sometimes you just have to re-read what you write and sometimes without meaning to you'll of put something that seems offensive because of how you've worded it. 
Any opinions on a blogger's code of ethics? Any Do's and Don'ts? Any posts that you've seen and thought that they were horrendous and clearly did need a code of ethics?

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