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Friday, 12 November 2010

Music! Friends? Life! Fashion! Urban?

Currently loving the song Miami 2 Ibiza by Tinie Tempah and the Swedish House Mafia. They're such great artists! and Tinie Tempah is definitely staying at the top and growing strong. I've a feeling they're both definitely going to last more than 15  minutes which would be nice. I think we should be harsher on music, people who are only going to have 15 minutes of fame should be thrown out quicker. Too many people are called A listers when they really aren't and it's a shame since it's giving the music industry a bad name and it really is painful to listen too.
On the other side a bit more thoughtful. Friends? a friend recently had an incident where he needed his friends to stand by him, some he let leave to protect them, some ran and others stood by him, and when he came too, the people that should of been there weren't instead some of the ones that were on the opposing side were. So friends? People that stand by you're side through out anything? or ones that won't? Although I guess you need an occasion to actually test it. But just a thought for everyone, are you're friends who they think they are? I've had a lot of this recently, specially arguments with my parents over my friends. But sometimes the ones that are meant to be bad for you are the ones that will stand by you when you need it the most and if you ask me that's what friends are meant to do.
On the other side... Fashionnn! But I just though I'd give you something to ponder quickly.
On the Fashion front... I'm a bit bored. Very uninspired today, possibly cause I'm too tired. But hopefully I will think of something. I've got Cambridge next saturday so hopefully there will be something inspiring there. I have gotten into the idea of things that are more urban lately, a little bit "gangsta". Bit different to my normal stuff. But I'm just really waiting to get paid so that I can spend some money and get creating. I'm really looking into my own range of tops at the moment rather than at what other people are doing. I'm a little worried that I just copy what I see and that I'm not experiencing enough. So I'm really trying to get more experiences to draw on, so we'll see how that goes! 
I got my interview sorted for Coventry so that's good so far, but apart from that there's not much else to report on. So here's some stuff that I've drawn etc to show you or worn etc. You'll work it out! (: You just have to press play down the bottom to get it to go through everything!

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