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Friday, 26 November 2010

Save my hair week!

I'm having a "save my hair week". I feel very bad for it since I straighten it every day, so since it's the last couple of weeks of school, I'm just going to tie it up during the week in a little bun and let it get some strength up for the party season! Cause I do hate it when my hair starts to look not nearly as good, since my hair is my crowning feature.
Pretty happy as well since I've not heard anymore from the Uni's which means I can get my 2 projects sorted before I deal with any others... in theory. And I am definitely starting that today! I am considering getting a completely new book to be honest to start my projects in but I'm not sure if it's worth it... It's a pain to decide. I have a portfolio full of drawings and that, but they just aren't that good, and I really want to show them the best. I might try and save the book and do what I can to help it. Actually, yes that will be my small project for the day... save my portfolio...
I've still got my samples to mount in my book as well, even though they aren't the best.... But I'll just write next to them that they are the very first attempts, there fore they should really leave a bigger room for error, and it's not like they are awful, the lines just aren't sewn straight...But yes, it's not that bad.
Also if you're a little new to blogging, or reading blogs. If you want somewhere really good to store them, so that you don't get some weird RSS feed text weird stuff... I don't know what it was but it wasn't helpful at all! Then use BlogLovin! Lots of blogs use it, so you can go on there pages and just click add to bloglovin', but when you sign in to bloglovin it will show all the new posts up! Picture and description and all! It's lovely!
I think I might also write a list of upcoming articles for you all, so that you don't have to listen to my boring rants! But as far as i'm aware of coming up is:
- My jewellery collection (might be interesting to show)
- Favourite lookbook.nu look's 
- Some make-up reviews
- possibly a hair tutorial... possibly....
So lot's to look forward to! and there'll be fewer posts during the week up to christmas, due to work, but I might pre-write some stuff so that I just need to post it for you all, they'll be more stuff like interviews and things like that!

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