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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Rings! How-To

Rings are something that are easily warn, no fiddly clasps, or bits that tangle! You're fingers are almost always on display! So why should you're wrist that is covered by you're jumper get some jewelery when you're fingers are the ones on show! So let's learn how to run rings around those Fashionista's! (By the way all the pictures are linked so you can go buy! buy! buy! more easily! Cause we all know girls love to spend that cash)

Miss Selfridge - £6.00
Size! Falling off you're finger? Sweety it's far to big, try a different finger, my middle finger is my fattest, so if it falls off my pinky, it generally fits my middle finger. But if it's falling off you're thumb, maybe a present for someone you are obligated to give presents too who you don't like? You can have it resized, but if it cost you £3 in the sale it's probably not worth resizing.
There are lots of rings on the high street, so don't worry about getting sets or ones that you know you can match to something. Like it? BUY IT! You'll soon realize once you're playing about with them at home, that they actually match that really great top that's been sitting in you're closet cause you had no jewellery to give it that edge! Now you do! The stacked rings that you can buy are great, because you don't have to wear them together, so it's a little bit of investment!
Also don't be afraid to mix the colours up like they have with the Miss Selfridge Stacked rings! All different types, and occasionally styles look great together! Just remember, if you're wearing lots of rings, try not to wear lots of necklaces and other bits. Less is more sometimes!
There are so many ways to wear rings though! Here are just a few ways that you can wear them!
Like Suki M. from Switzerland (Lookbook.nu) you can wear just one per finger and can also vary the length of them like the one on her middle finger. Different styles and colours (like the gold one on her thumb) look great. These rings are really unique too! Try to buy unique ones from Car boot sales and other one off places such as thrift stores!

Bird on branch ring -
£6.00 from Dorothy Perkins

You can also wear all sorts of rings all over the place! Miss a finger if you want, and don't be afraid to adorn you're hands! The only limit is when they start to fall off the tips of you're fingers! (Jessica S. from lookbook.nu)

This one is like Jessica's, they are really cute and stand out well! The little birds  chest is beautiful! This ring is incredibly unique looking. 

Feather Ring -£6.00 by Burton.
You could also follow Alexandra P. from Vigo's example and wear just one ring! It doesn't have to be as big but make sure it's pretty! People will notice rings so even if it's a little simple one like the one below, it will still serve you well! 

(Excuse the massive space. Major! Layout problems occurred somehow)

I have borrowed this from the Swirl Girls (http://swirlgirls.blogspot.com/2009_02_01_archive.html) This is to show you how you can use stacking to you're advantage! This is quite cute and actually does look like one ring! So occasionally if done well you can make the perfect ring, just because you stacked, doesn't mean you have to do it on all you're fingers like lots of people do. The ones below are from Wallis and are another great example of stacked rings that can be mixed and matched.
Black Cocktail Stacked Rings- £18.50

Here are some other rings that you might like!
Heidi Diamante Skull Ring - £5.00 from Boohoo.com
Pearl Stack Ring - £6.99 - Republic
Dainty Bow Ring - £3.50 - Miss Selfridge
Candace Owl Face Ring - £8.00 - Boohoo.com


Stag Ring - £12.50 - Dorothy Perkins
Rustic Crystal Ring - £8.00 - Debenhams


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  2. oh me too! I can't et enough of them at the moment! They're my absolute! jewellery item at the moment, I just can't stop wearing them! I feel naked without them on!