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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Excited! Interview! Work! Family!

So sorry guys that I've not been online much I've been a bit lazy this week but I'm psyched back up again! so the sleep in went well but I came home friday and slept the entire day cause I felt drastically ill! But I managed to get lots of work done in my research book for Art! Which also helped with my drawing for my interview!
I've got an interview at Covent University for Fashion Design, it's the only one so far that has given me an interview, but I have just checked and no one has declined me either! So I'm really excited! But yeah I've been doing lots of art work and drawing in my books, and I'm going to mount my samples from my night course into my Design book that I started! so hopefully I'll have a good lot of work to show!
But I also saw that for my interview I have to design a top! and OMG! (excuse me since I hate the word but that was pretty much the response I had) But I had the greatest idea last night! I'm going to not tell you anything about it for now except little gold beads, lace, and spray paint! That's all you need know for now! But I'm really excited about it, but I also thought I could use the shirt to do some styling with as well! So I'm now super excited! But for now I'm going to have to wait until I have all of the things that I need! 
Works been going well and we won the incentive so I've an extra £60! which is going to be really helpful since I have the boyfriends presents still to buy, but I don't get paid annoyingly till after the 20th when I'm going with my friend to Cambridge, so I might take it out of my savings and then owe my savings account some money. 
I've also got Sunday off because I've got my nans birthday meal so I get to dress up a little and see everyone that I've not seen in months! Which will be really nice! I've also to show you my new red dress that I brought for the traffic light party on the 28th! It's really nice, it's from Tesco as well and was something like £18.00! Which is cheaper than the one in New look I saw but that one wasn't even properly lined.
 I also have to find a fancy dress costume for saturday night since it's my friend Claire's 18th, currently I'm going as a sailor, since I completely forgot about it being fancy dress, so now I'm stuck pennyless and costumeless! So I'm just going to have to make do! 


  1. Good luck with your interview! Post pictures of the top if you can. I'm sure it'll look amazing :)


  2. Thanks Lee! I'm hoping it does go well! Bit nervous, and I'll be sure to post lots of pictures for you!